It’s been a whirlwind year for consumers! We’ve gone from shopping in our favourite malls and stores to browsing online from the comfort of our couches.

We all know that online shopping has been around for a while. But since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve collectively saw it soar to an all-time high.

On that premise, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 has highlighted the value of online channels. And all these trends we’re seeing are only expected to grow in the years ahead. As a consequence, many Australian businesses should start building their online presence to prevent getting left behind.

Crazy Domains Explores How Australian Businesses Adopt to Online Channels


Crazy Domains’ Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021, based on a survey of more than 1000 consumers and 700 Australian businesses, uncovers the impact the online landscape has on small businesses and their consumers.

In our business and consumer study, you’ll find out:

  • How do consumers first learn about a business?
  • Where do generational consumers flock to the most – online or offline channels?
  • What are the top factors that lead people to make a purchase decision online?
  • How has consumer behaviour changed since the pandemic?
  • What’s next for Australian businesses for the rest of 2021?

Some things won’t come as a surprise to you. For example, we’re aware that people shop online for convenience. And we’ve seen a number of business industries opening shop online. But there’s no way we could’ve foreseen how quickly these trends would become a norm due to COVID-19.

The report also reveals some interesting insights on consumer behaviour. For example, we found Millennials are not only the largest population of online shoppers, but this group are big spenders – shelling out at least $500 each month online.

If you have a big goal to grow your business in 2021, you can leverage the data on this report to achieve it. Access the full report of Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021 here..

As a brand rooted in Australia, we always sought to understand and bring forward the trends driving the country’s business landscape. We’ve found perfect partners in reaching that goal with Emma Needham and Patrick Compton. Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the Growth Ops team—who have been instrumental in connecting us with passionate small business owners and consumers.