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Managed SEO made simple

Improve your rankings in Google with Managed SEO. Optimise your website without needing any SEO knowledge. The low risk, low cost solution that drives real SEO results for your website.

We do the heavy-lifting, so you don't have to. No need to pay for an expensive SEO consultant and not know what they are implementing. Our SEO Specialists are focused on transparent implementation, they are passionate about delivering results with a data-driven approach, and they are genuine about doing what is right for your business online. We do all of this and more at a crazy low price.

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How it works

Speak to our Sales team and select a Managed SEO Plan that fits your business.

Step 1

We will complete keyword research for your website,
identifying the top terms that will drive traffic to your website.

Step 2

Sit back while we process the top 120 websites that appear
in the search results for each of your keywords.

Step 3

We will complete SEO implementation that improves keyword rankings and delivers results.

Step 4

You will receive ranking and performance reports, showing the results delivered.

Step 5
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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Managed SEO Packages
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
Save %

9,833.33 /mo

5 Keyword Index
5 SEO Implementation & Management (hrs)
Monthly SEO Action Plan
Quarterly Reporting
Local SEO 1 suburb
~ Content Plan
~ Blog
Save %

20,666.67 /mo

15 Keyword Index
10 SEO Implementation & Management (hrs)
Monthly SEO Action Plan
Monthly Reporting
Local SEO 2-3 suburbs
~ Content Plan
~ Blog
Best Value
Save %

31,333.33 /mo

30 Keyword Index
20 SEO Implementation & Management (hrs)
Monthly SEO Action Plan
Monthly Reporting
Local SEO 4-6 suburbs
Yes Content Plan
Monthly Blog
Everything you get from an SEO Agency plus more
Dedicated SEO
Easy Setup
High Priority
Health Check
SEO Actions
Top 120 Competitor
Easy SEO Guide
Simple Workflow
And many more
SEO licence included with any Managed SEO package
easy setup
Simple Project Setup

Get up and running by selecting one or multiple keywords you want your site to rank for in the search engines. Simple SEO even helps by analysing your website to auto-suggest keyword ideas.

For advanced users, we can help you supercharge your keyword research with trends, how-to guides and bulk upload features.

easy setup
Automatic SEO Website Health Check

Simple SEO will crawl your website and quickly generate a list of things that you can do to fix any detected critical and important issues within minutes.

The Heath Check will check your page speed, broken links, duplicate meta tags and much more.

easy setup
Set Your SEO Actions

Simple SEO's powerful system uses multiple algorithms to scientifically analyse thousands of data points across hundreds of your competitors on every keyword for which you want to be ranked.

Once this is complete, Simple SEO will generate a list of specific actions, organised by time and difficulty to apply. The list is split into priority based on categories; Web and Mobile Development, Site Content, Design, Brand Marketing, Social and Content Creation.

easy setup
Easy SEO Instructions

All our Simple SEO actions are supported by informative step-by-step guidance, how-to-guides, and live examples with easy to use templates.

Each task will display the difficulty level, with a calculated time for how long it should take you to complete, and the scientific reason behind why this recommended action is important for your website.

easy setup
Advanced Filter Options

Plan your next move, use the filtering option for your SEO Actions and filter by category, keyword, page URL or simply by the time it takes to complete an action.

Based on your time you can quickly plan your actions that are achievable for you, your business and team.

easy setup
Simplify your Workflow

All your actions are displayed in an easy to understand workflow, with options to simply select the actions you want, and create your own personal SEO action list. Simple SEO supports CSV exports for easy delegation and status tracking.

easy setup
Quick and Automated Reporting

Check your results and see how your hard work has paid off, with our comprehensive SEO performance reports generated automatically by Simple SEO.

Detailed SEO reports will provide visibility on the specific actions that have helped you to achieve improvements in your web site’s ranking.

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