Valentine’s Day is one of the celebrated occasions of the year – not to mention lucrative. Experts predict consumers will spend $1.9 billion for gifts to their loved ones. 

Know what this means? This day is a perfect marketing opportunity for your business. 

But what if you’re crunched for time?  

One easy – and effective – way to promote your business for Valentine’s Day is giving your website a makeover. 

Celebrate the season of love with your audience by revamping your website using our website maker: 

banner image

Add a hero image or video 

Welcome your audience with love. Add a hero image or video to your homepage that embodies the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

Here’s how you can do it if you’re a furniture business, for example: 

Furniture business Valentine's Day

If you’re a veterinary clinic, add a montage of your favourite furry clients. People love cute videos of pets after all.

Hero video

Here’s how to change your hero image: 

  1. Go to your Website Builder dashboard. 
  2. Choose the website you want to work on and click Edit. 
  3. In your Site Editor, hover on the homepage banner and click on the Background icon. 
  4. Upload your desired photo or video! 

How to add hero image

Change your colour palette 

Fill your website with Valentine’s Day vibes by simply changing your colour scheme. 

Go for colours that depict the occasion, like red, pink, and white. Spice it up by using colour palette generators made for Valentine’s Day, like SchemeColor 

Here’s how to change the colour palette in our Website Builder: 

  1. In your Site Editor, go to Theme > Colours. 
  2. Choose a colour for each website element or select from our premade palettes. 

How to change colour palette

Add a touch of love to your images and graphics  

Let your website visuals suit Valentine’s Day. Decorate your site with symbols that depict the occasion, such as hearts, flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys. 

Start with your icons. Choose from Crazy Domains’ wide-range selection. 

  1. In your Site Editor, go to Build > Features. 
  2. Drag Icon to where you want to place it on your website. 
  3. Click on the icon and change it to your desired one. 
  4. Tweak the icon according to your preference. 

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Valentine's Day icons

Add banners featuring Valentine’s Day greetings 

Put your creative writing skills to the test. Use banners to meet your users with a love-filled Valentine greeting. 

And since you’re a business, use this chance to add a subtle promotion of your offerings. 

Add a banner to your website using our Website Builder: 

  1. In your Site Editor, go to Build > Blocks > Banners. 
  2. Select your preferred banner and drag it to wherever you want in your website. 
  3. Customise it to your liking! 

Valentine's Day greetings

Showcase your Valentine’s Day items   

If you’re selling Valentine-related products through an ecommerce store, now’s the best time to promote them. 

Allot a dedicated space on your website for these products. Make sure they immediately catch the attention of your customers.  

Valentine's Day ecommerce

Here’s how to do it through our Website Builder: 

Add a Valentine’s Day category

  1. In your Site Editor, go to Store > Products. 
  2. Under Category, click Manage. 
  3. Click on Add Category. Label the new category as Valentine’s Day and fill in the necessary details. 
  4. Go back to Store > Products and click on All Products. 
  5. Choose any product you want to add to the Valentine’s Day category and add accordingly. 

Create the dedicated page

  1. In your Site Editor, go to Pages. 
  2. Click on Add > Page > Blank. 
  3. Go to the Blank page’s settings and change the name and the URL to your liking. 
  4. Go back to the Site Editor and go to Build > Features > Online Store.  
  5. Drag Catalog to the blank area of the Valentine’s Day page. 
  6. Hover on the Catalog block, click on Edit, and change the category to Valentine’s Day. 
  7. Add a welcome banner on top of the page. Follow the instructions in Example 4. 

Add a banner in your homepage

Follow the instructions on Example 4 to add a banner into your homepage. Make sure to add a call-to-action button directing to your Valentine products. 

Homepage banner

Tweak your logo 

Familiar with Google Doodles?  

Every special event, Google customises its homepage logo as a commemoration. Google Doodles have contributed to the brand’s growing exposure and engagement over the years.   

Google Doodles

Follow their lead and apply this to your website too with your website maker.  

Modify your Valentine’s Day logo design and place it on your website header, as well as your social media pages. Follow the previous tips – change up the colour palette or add Valentine-themed symbols, as long as your brand is still recognisable. 

Banner Logo Design

Celebrate love with the community 

On Valentine’s Day, people go out of their way to express their love for others. Do the same for your customers, too. A thing as simple as redesigning your website already makes a huge difference.