by Christa Escudero

January 16, 2020

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Why You Should Get a .PH Domain for Your Local Business

White beaches, beauty pageants, and Lea Salonga. Those are some of the things the Philippines is known for. 

Want to tap into their market? Do it with a .PH domain. 

.PH is the Philippines’ official country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) – like how .AU is for Australia and .SG is for Singapore. 

The .PH domain is the ideal choice to attract the Filipino audience. If you’re a business catering to them, read on to know why you should purchase one. 

4 Compelling Reasons to Get a .PH Domain 

You win local search 

You win local search

Around 82% of mobile consumers conduct local search.  

Get access to this huge source of traffic with a ccTLD – like .PH. 

A .PH domain signals search engines that you cater to the Philippine market. So, when a Filipino user searches for brands within your niche, there's a higher chance for you to appear in their search results. 

You establish customer trust 

You establish customer trust 

Not only does winning local search earn you traffic – it also gives you more chances to convert. About 28% of “Near me” searches result in a purchase! 

That’s because customers tend to trust businesses in their locale more. 

Consumers are more comfortable doing business with local entities, as they share the same language, currency, and region. A .PH domain embodies this kind of reliability to your Filipino audience. 

Getting your desired domain is easier 

Getting your desired domain is easier 

You may default to .COM because it’s the most popular domain extension. But with its constantly high demand, it may be hard for you to purchase it with your desired domain name. 

Avoid this dilemma with a .PH domain. 

In general, there are fewer domain names using ccTLDs compared to those using generic TLDs like .COM. With this, ccTLDs – like .PH – grants you more chances to grab your domain name of choice. 

Your brand becomes more memorable 

Your brand becomes more memorable 

In the age of mobile and short attention spans, domain names should ideally be short and easy to remember. 

Follow the standard with .PH. 

Say you’re running a personalized bespoke shoe brand in the Philippines. or can be hard to type on your screen.  

Why not go for It’s shorter, easier to remember, and way catchier. 

Get your .PH domain today 

A .PH domain offers you awesome benefits – better audience reach, higher online traffic, and a more reliable brand reputation. 

There’s no better way to connect with Filipinos online. Register your .PH domain now! 

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