There’s no denying it — Aussies love Halloween. In fact, Halloween spending in Australia continues to rise year after year.

‘Tis the season not just for trick-or-treating. Take this time to spike your sales up and boost your revenue.

Seasonal promos and discounts should give customers a good case of the heebie-jeebies. But to fully immerse in the spooky trend, you’ll need to redesign your website.

If you’re using WordPress, you won’t need the help of a web designer. You only need to find an awesome Halloween template and install it on your website.

Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up the best WordPress themes you can use that’ll bring on the thrill (and the conversions!).

WordPress Themes You Can Use for Halloween

A landing page for your Halloween event

View template here

Halloween is a great time to organise a themed event for your staff or customers. So make sure to dress your website for the occasion!

This WordPress template screams Halloween from all angles.

The colours, fonts, and graphics give off an eerie yet unexpectedly thrilling aesthetic. Your site visitors will want to know what the event is about. They’ll even stick around to know more about your business.

An awesome Halloween party page

View template here

Australians sure know how to throw a Halloween party. That’s what this PartyMaker WordPress template is about.

This Halloween-inspired theme brims with background photos that transform scary into adorable.

Customise the homepage to include all the essentials — an About section, your products and services, a gallery, and your contact info.

Plus, the PartyMaker theme has a responsive design that adjusts to fit your desktop, tablet, or mobile screens.

A web design to introduce your Halloween-themed business 

View template here

If you own a Halloween-themed business, you’re in luck.

Grab this chance to spice up your website with this WordPress template.

This sleek, minimalist template gives the right amount of spooky without being over the top. This way, your Halloween-themed website appeals to online visitors all year round.

A design template for your spine-chilling content 

View template here

Obsessed with all things supernatural? Now’s the best time to flaunt your taste for the macabre.

This “Hexetanz in Haunted House” WordPress theme gives a cinematic vibe to your online space. We love the witchy fonts, chilling orchestral music, and the interactive user interface.

Its optional page templates let you put up a gallery or a blog. It even has a Paypal-powered online ticket reservation feature — a great addition when you’re organising Halloween events.

A spooky 404 page

View template here

Not ready with your spooky content yet? Make an equally spooky 404 page.

Stay true to the season by applying this Halloween 404 WordPress theme. It has a cute animated ghost character that floats up and down your screen. Your visitors won’t even mind landing on this page with this guy around.

Choose from three theme versions — coloured, light, and dark — to coincide with your entire website design.

A zombie-fied 404 to scare your viewers

View template here

Everybody loves zombies. Why not put them on your 404 page?

This Zombie 404 WordPress template will make your website scarier than it already is.

Amuse your visitors with its manicured zombie hand design and fun, mischievous copy. The animation feature is the perfect icing on top.

This creative, easy-to-use template makes the undead look cooler than they already are.

A subtle template with Halloween colours

View template here

Want to join in on the fun but don’t want to veer away from your brand’s serious tone?

Here’s a subtle website template for you.

The theme’s sleek geometric design keeps everything professional. But its orange-and-black colour palette gives off an instant Halloween vibe.

This WordPress template is the perfect temporary theme to kick off the Halloween season.

How to Install Your Halloween WordPress Theme

Ready to start revamping your website for Halloween?

Once you’ve downloaded the perfect Halloween theme for you, you need to upload it to WordPress before installing.

Follow these five easy steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site.
  2. On your Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes on your left side menu. Click Add New.
  1. On the Add New page, click Upload Theme.
  1. Click Choose File and select the theme zip file from your computer. Click Install Now.
  1. To Activate the theme, select the Appearance > Themes tabs. Locate the theme and click Activate.


Halloween is just around the corner. Start transforming your site to get ahead of the competition. With a bit of tweaking, you can customise these WordPress themes to stay true to your brand.

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