Ecommerce is expected to occupy nearly 21.8% of the global retail sales by 2024. As the competition intensifies, ecommerce websites are finding ways to hook shoppers in through various strategies.

Product page creation and optimisation is one way to achieve this goal. Given that 81% of buyers research online before making a purchase, a detailed and highly informative product page could increase conversion rates and sales volume exponentially!

Product presentation impacts your chances of closing deals with potential customers. So, what makes a great product page?

Elements of a Killer Product Page

Captivating product descriptions

Captivating product descriptions

A product description is the first obvious thing buyers check out when they visit a product page. They are curious about your product and want to know more before making an informed purchase decision.

Make your product descriptions scannable, objective, and concise. Use short bullet points and restrict the description to a maximum of four sentences

Besides making the copy easy to read, keep it informative and gripping as well. Provide significant product values that will draw the audience to the product.

A visual experience

A visual experience

Rich media is what makes a great product page. It allows customers to virtually experience the product. And because it’s the only connection they have to a specific item, it needs to have a persuasive impact.

Leverage the visual medium to tell a story on how users can derive value from the product. Simply plastering photos and videos across your product page is not enough. You also need to optimise them.

Learn a thing or two from these tips:

  • Use high-quality, multi-angle images to emphasize product details.
  • Portray the item in its natural setting for a more realistic presentation.
  • Use tutorial videos to demonstrate how it works.
  • Analyse user responses to see what kind of photos or videos elicit a positive response from consumers.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions_

The product page creation process must also cater to pre-sales queries, doubts, and concerns. Addressing these matters is a classic “strike the iron while it’s hot” situation, boosting sales significantly.

While this can be a task for customer care, it’s prudent to treat your support judiciously rather than engage them in repetitive chores.

For customers, having to contact customer care for simple queries like product sizes, types, and order process can be quite inconvenient.

Incorporate an FAQ section into your product page. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and anticipate the questions they may have before making the purchase. It helps retain shoppers on the website, making it more likely for them to place and checkout their order.

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Authentic ratings and reviews

Authentic ratings and reviews

Here’s a mind-blowing fact: A whopping 90% of consumers read online reviews or check out product ratings before making a purchase. If your product page doesn’t have this element, you’re possibly missing out on prospective buyers!

Ratings and reviews empower buyer decision. It helps customers evaluate their options based on real-life experiences, away from the influence of marketing gimmicks.

Include a star-based rating on your website accompanied by written reviews. Encourage product users to share detailed remarks you can use to improve your brand.

Collecting social proof and user-generated content can also boost your sales, so consider them during product page creation.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Product suggestions are a treasure trove for upselling or cross-selling opportunities. Your engines could recommend something related to the item and bundle them together in an attractive package.

Alternatively, they can propose a high-value item. Either way, these can increase the cart value and the amount spent on a purchase.

For instance, if someone is checking out a camera, you can offer accessories like lenses, memory cards, and cases under the frequently purchased section.

You can also feature a “You might also like” section that lists cameras from other brands or series. Exhibiting product diversity exposes them to newer products and brands.

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Product Page that Wins

Ecommerce is the new normal. Businesses have no other option apart from embracing it. It’s best to learn ways to diversify your store and develop your brand along with it

Nailing the concepts of product page creation helps you create an immersive and unique online store that will perform beyond your expectations! Use these insights to help innovate your digital brand today. You can also visit our Business archives for more expert resources on your ecommerce site.