For many, search engine optimisation or SEO is an intimidating aspect of online marketing. It’s nearly impossible to do it unless you take the time to study how it works. To make it easier, website owners instead get SEO experts to do it for them.  

While SEO is not usually a big deal for established businesses, it can be very expensive for start-ups. This is the reason why small to medium businesses opt to just skip it to save costs.   

But, worry no more. Crazy Domains developed an intuitive but affordable tool to help improve your website scores. Get actionable tips and reports that make websites search engine-friendly through Simple SEO.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Make the Best Out of Simple SEO 

They say that the first step is always the hardest. While there’s truth to that, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here, you’ll learn how to use a simple tool to your advantage.  

Follow the step-by-step guide below and experience Simple SEO yourself.  

1. Creating an SEO Project

Of course, you need to set up a project first. This is your first step to achieving your SEO goals. To do this, log in to your Account Manager and click the Simple SEO icon on the dashboard. Then, click the “+” icon and select Manage Product from the dropdown. You will then be redirected to the Online Marketing Dashboard. To start, fill out the Business Profile. Then, under SEO Settings, provide the sector that best represents your business and search engine ranking source.
Simple SEO Business Profile Progress

Next, you’ll need to enter your website URL and add keywords. You can also enter your competitor’s websites to keep an eye on their keyword rankings. 

Simple SEO Settings

Lastly, you’ll need to tell us how much time you can spend doing SEO per month. Once done, allow us to check your website and do a competitor check before you proceed to the next step. This usually takes around 30 minutes for the system to evaluate your website.

2. Managing Health Checks

Doing regular health checks ensures that your website is well-optimised for search engines. Without a health check tool, you’ll need to manually conduct the following:

  • Checking negative SEO signs (duplicate contents, spam backlinks) 
  • Identifying the number of indexed pages 
  • Checking if redirections are correctly set up 
  • Updating content (reviewing target keywords, update old content) 
  • Checking technical aspects of the website (checking Robots.txt file, website speed, website security) 

All of these and a few more checks will be a lot easier with Simple SEO. Use Simple SEO to check the available actions to optimise your website. For your convenience, you may even filter them based on category, estimated time of completion, and difficulty. 

Simple SEO Health Check

3. Building an Action Plan

After the tool checks your website, you’ll get access to action plans that will improve your overall ranking. This is generated monthly and will be based on the previously completed actions. On your Simple SEO dashboard, click Available Actions to see the list. Make sure to check the details of the action before adding it to your plan. Consider if the task is doable based on your available time.

Simple SEO available actions

All the added action plans will be listed under the Planned Actions tab which we’re exploring next. 

4. Implementing an Action Plan

This is where you’ll work on the action plans. On the Planned Actions page, you’ll find clickable action cards that state what the task is about and how to go about it. You’ll also get downloadable guides.

Simple SEO action plan and action card

Once each action is completed, simply fill out the number of hours field and add notes, as needed, before clicking submit.  Implemented actions will be moved to Completed Actions. This will automatically adjust the action summary in the Available Actions tab.  

5. Evaluating Results

Once all actions are completed, check your progress through the Results tab. Remember that the results you want may not show right away. Don’t be disheartened. Instead, review and analyse the result. Through this, you’ll be able to find improvement opportunities that you can work on further until you reach your goal.

Simple SEO results

There you have it – simple steps to improve your website SEO. But of course, the goal is to get to the first pages of search results.

Simple SEO

How to get to the first pages of search results  

Getting to the first page of search engines is no easy feat. To get to the first page of search engines, you’ll need to continuously apply technical, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies. It requires a lot of effort and consistency because everyone wants to be on the first page 

Simple SEO helps provide step-by-step SEO actions needed to optimise your website. Aside from these actions, it’s recommended to do regular health checkups to determine areas that need improvement. As long as you do all these, you’ll cover technical, on-page, and off-page strategies. These actions will make your website become SEO-friendly, and become likely to get to the first page of search results.  

Additionally, don’t forget to up your keyword game to achieve the SEO success that you’re after. 

Why Keywords are important to succeed in SEO 

Why keywords are important for SEO

Imagine doing an online search and getting no results. It’s useless, right? This is why keywords are important and crucial in SEO. They help connect users to relevant websites that users are searching for.  

Generally, keywords are words or phrases that are entered in search engines. Using keywords requires an understanding of the back-end process to maximise its potential. But if you’re new to it, check the beginner’s guide to SEO keywords and understand how it works. 

Remember, even if people search for services that you might offer, it’s a waste if they can’t find you in search results. Let customers find you by mastering the best practices in targeting SEO keywords for your website.   

Simple SEO helps determine your competitor’s keyword strategy and “reverse-engineer” it for your website. It analyses which keywords your competitors are ranking for.  

Plan out and take the steps to improve SEO ranking today! 

Although sometimes taken for granted, SEO is crucial for businesses to get better online visibility. Website owners know that, but without professional knowledge, it can be a very hard step to take.  

Crazy Domains created Simple SEO for everybody. It is a simple but intuitive solution suitable for anyone needing help with their website SEO.  

Use it to get on the right foot of your SEO game even without hiring a professional. Get a Simple SEO tool today to get started!