Before COVID-19, 70% of people have already been working remotely at least one day per week. The only difference now is that part-time has shifted to full-time. 

Remote working provides a lot of benefits to businesses, but it also comes with challenges. Thankfully, with advances in technology, being part of the remote workforce has become more efficient. 

Here are the apps and software that make remote work a breeze. From productivity to security and everything in between, we all the remote working tools you need. 

Essential Apps and Software for Remote Work


Remote work apps and software for productivity

Moving out of the office and into your home can be a huge switch. You’ve traded out a generally quiet and focused place for one full of pets, children, and other distractions.  

These apps will help you keep organised and on track.  

1) Trello 

Trello is a project management app that helps you plan, execute, and collaborate better. Based on Toyota’s famous Kanban system, it emphasises efficiency and flexibility with its organisational tools for prioritising projects.  

2) Skedulo 

Skedulo answers the five most important questions of businesses around the world: who, what, when, where, and why.  

The app makes scheduling meetings, projects, and tasks a breeze. Keep up to date with record-keeping tools, including progress reports, and even track jobs on maps. There’s no better way to keep your team on track.  

3) Productive  

Productive is excellent for both professional and personal use. It’s a to-do list app that includes customisable and flexible features to make it easy to plan your daily and weekly goals.  


Remote work apps and software for communication

Stay connected wherever you are with these helpful apps. 

4Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams offers more than just messaging. Together with basic communication needs like instant messaging, calls, and video conferences, the software also has other features under its belt. 

It allows users to schedule meetings and integrate them with their own calendars. They can also integrate third-party tools to foster better collaboration — put up polls, update projects, send virtual awards, and many more.

5) Signal  

Signal is a popular encrypted messaging app that’s gaining traction in the business world.  

It’s not only secure but also packed with features, including encrypted voice and video chat. You can easily send all types of files through the service and use it on any device. 

6) Website Builder 

A website is your connection to the world — especially your customers 

A website builder is an ideal tool for creating websites, especially for beginnersMost have customisable templates that fit every niche and a drag-and-drop editor to organise your content. You get to build a professional-looking website in a snap. 

Some website builders offer advanced features, such as social media integration, colour palette generator, and an ecommerce store builder. 

Crazy Domains Website Builder

File Management 

Remote work apps and software for file management

In remote work, everything is digital. Here are some tools recommended to create and share files with your team. 

7Google Drive 

We all know Google Drive. As part of Google Workspace’s powerhouse of productivity tools, it’s one of the most used cloud storage services.

To keep your files secureGoogle Drive allows you to restrict access to individual files and folders. But you can also make your content public by granting universal access. 

Aside from cloud storage, Google Drive also allows file creation through its office suite: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more 

You only need to sign in with your Google account to use Google Drive, although this will only give you 15 GB free storage. To get more, you need to upgrade to up to 30 TB worth of storage.  


LastPass is an app that stores your passwords in one place and access them from any device. 

Aside from storing passwords, it also features a password generator so you can have strong passwords for your accounts. This grants maximum protection to your files, emails, and other digital assets. 


Remote work apps and software for security

Working from home takes you outside of the protected office environment. You may no longer have access to firewalls and other digital safety, too. You may also have sensitive data you want to protect from cybercriminals.  

These apps provide enterprise-grade security to prevent a hack from happening to your business. 


NordLayer is a virtual private network (VPN) developed by NordVPN, one of the most popular VPNs in the world. VPNs have a vast range of uses, but more than anything, they make your network connections more secure.  

NordLayer delivers this security focus in a business format. It bundles digital security and conveniences for SMEs and remote teams in one easy-to-use package.  

From your dashboard, you can create team members, manage permissions, and set up secure servers for all your business needs.   

10) Avast Security 

The internet is packed with antivirus software. What sets Avast apart, however, is the comprehensive protection it provides.  

From the Ghostery Chrome and Firefox plug-in — which blocks ads, harmful scripts, and cookies — to its virus and malware scans, it has everything you need under one roof for complete malware protection.  

11) Email Protection 

Email is inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

An email protection software will protect your emails from cybercriminals looking to transmit malware. It also filters out spam to keep your inbox clean from pesky emails. 

Crazy Domains Email Protection

Establish an efficient digital workspace 

Use these tools to stay connected and organised even when you’re working apart. By keeping your operations running smoothly, you can get all your work done and serve your community wholeheartedly.