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.pink Domain Name Registration

.Pink domain name for anyone associated with colour pink

While associated with femininity and women in modern times, the use of pink and blue as gender signifiers for children began around the time of the first world war: and even then they were considered interchangeable. It wasn't until the 1950s that pink became more strongly associated with femininity.

In the Western world today, it's hardly possible to hear the word pink without associating it with the American singer-songwriter with the same name, but pink has numerous other signifiers, too. From the colour of London's Financial Times newspaper, to its association with gay rights and the pink ribbon associated with breast cancer awareness.

  • .PINK is associated with breast cancer awareness, including the Pink ribbon for the cause.
  • .PINK is used as a symbolic color by many groups involved with LGBT community.
  • .PINK has modern associations with all things feminine.