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Getting Started Guide: Premium Email Protection

This guide will explain how to use Premium Email Protection, which filters spam and viruses from your email inbox.


Table of Contents

  1. Set Up Premium Email Protection
  2. Quarantine Summary Reports
  3. Accessing Your Quarantined Email

Set Up Premium Email Protection

The Premium Email Protection when purchased is automatically set up to protect all email addresses connected to your hosting service.

All emails are now scanned for reputation, including IP address, viruses, malware & domains of known spam sources. These emails are then blacklisted or whitelisted automatically. So you can now sit back and enjoy a spam free inbox.

If you're on a 30-day trial, you can easily switch to a full plan to continue enjoying the service:


Quarantine Summary Reports

When you have a quarantined email waiting to be processed, the system sends you a Quarantine Summary Report. From within the email, you will find an overview and a direct link to access your Quarantine Inbox and manage your spam Whitelist and Blacklist.


Accessing Your Quarantined Email

Accessing your Quarantined Email has been made quick and easy for your convenience. Once you click on the direct link provided for you in the Quarantine Summary Report sent by the system, you can use your email username and password to log in and manage your Quarantine Inbox.

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