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How to Import Your Contact List 22 liked

If you already have your own contact list, you can import it in to your Mailing List using the tools found in your Account Manager

How to Export Your Contact Lists 8 liked

If you would like to export your Mailing List contact list you can do so via the Tools section of the Mailing List control panel.

How To Log In to the Mailing List Manager 8 liked

You can log in to the Mailing List Manager through your Account Manager. This guide will show you how.

What is Email Marketing 134 liked

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy in sending promotional emails to a group of people usually to generate sales.

How to Edit Email Campaign Design 29 liked

A guide on how to edit your email campaign that matches your branding and create a good reading experience for your audience.

Introduction to Templates in Email Marketing 64 liked

Templates are your framework for creating compelling email campaigns. Understand what email templates are and how to create them.

How to Access Email Marketing Dashboard 8 liked

Access your Email Marketing and start designing your email template, manage your contact list and send email campaigns.

How to Manage Email Campaigns 8 liked

Learn how you can manage your email campaigns in our Email Marketing tool. Read and follow the steps in this guide.

How to View Reports in Email Marketing 36 liked

Reports in Email Marketing helps you gauge how effective your email campaign is and help you know where you need to improve.

How to Create and Add Email Campaigns 50 liked

This article will guide you on how to create and send your email campaign; including tips and tricks in doing them.

How to Add Contacts in Email Marketing 22 liked

Add contacts in your Contact List Manager to start sending Email Campaign in our Email Marketing tool.