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This guide will explain you how to build your new site using the Website Builder. Simply follow the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up Your Site
  2. Building Your New Site
  3. Publishing Your New Site
  4. Learning More About Your Site

Setting up Your Site

Before creating your new site you need to make sure all your business/personal information is correct. This information is used for the general site settings of your site and will be associated with all your site's pages.

Building Your New Site

With any new software it takes time to learn and understand how it works. With Website Builder we have removed all the complexity of building your own site. These guides will give you the basic understanding how to start building your site.

Publishing Your New Site

After you have built your site, it is time to publish it to the world. If you have a free trial you will not be able to publish your site until you upgrade to the full plan.

Learning More About Your Site

Please refer to the online help section within Website Builder for more information, different functions and setups.

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