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Why Choose Our SEO Tool

Whether you're building a website, still planning to have one, or already have one; you're here because you know you need SEO. But, like any product or service, you want to make sure you know all your options before choosing one that best suits your needs.

Here are the top three questions to consider in choosing the right SEO tool and plan for you and how Crazy Domains can help grow your online business presence and visibility in search engines.

  1. How much money and time are you willing and able to spend?

    When you're a medium-sized business, you might have more budget but lesser time to spare. But, when you're still starting up, budget can be tough. Asking yourself this practical question will help narrow down your search to an SEO tool that's just right.

    Crazy Domains caters to both startups and more established businesses by giving you options for self-managed SEO and Managed SEO.

    The Crazy Domains SEO tool is straightforward and easy to use, so you don't have to worry about being new to the world of SEO. On the other hand, if you're more worried about the time it takes to do SEO work for your website, then it's best you have our SEO Experts manage and implement the tasks for you.

    Learn more about our self-managed SEO and Managed SEO plans by clicking here.
  2. What will the SEO tool do for your website?

    In other words, check the features of the tool that you're getting. Definitely, you'll want one that's thorough but not complicated. And, check whether it meets all your needs.

    With the Crazy Domains' SEO tool, here's what you get:
    • Easy Setup
      Translated to: "No Headache!" We mean it! Just add the relevant keywords and you're all set.
    • Website Health Check
      The SEO tool is going to start by checking page speed, broken links, duplicate meta tags, and much more. Multiple algorithms are also going to do competitor checks, noting all the points that need fixing, updating, and improving.
    • SEO Actions List
      Within minutes, you're going to get prioritised Action Cards created each month. Every time you complete the list of Simple SEO actions for each month, a new set of simple SEO actions will generate in the next month. Organised by priority and difficulty, listed in categories like Site Content, Design, Brand Marketing, and more.
    • Step-by-step SEO Action Guides
      Each Action Card will give you detailed instructions on how to implement them, so you're never left asking: "Now, what?"
    • Advanced Filters for Easy Action Plan
      The tool also lets you create your Action Plan using its Advanced Filters, allowing you to select, prioritise, and get things done.
    • Organised Workflow
      Check your Planned Actions and easily export to CSV for easy delegation of tasks and status tracking.
    With Managed SEO, you also get a dedicated SEO Expert to help you plan, decide, and implement. Plus, you get SEO Training, so you can learn the tricks of the trade.
  3. How will I know it's doing what it's supposed to?

    Fair question. We need to be guaranteed that the tool is doing its job. Is there a way to check the results? If managed by an SEO Expert, how often do I get updates?

    The SEO tool developed by Crazy Domains gives you automated reports that are comprehensive, yet understandable. The detailed SEO Reports provide insights as to which SEO Actions helped you improve your web site's ranking. Thus, helping you improve your Action Plan, as well.

    For Managed SEO, frequency of updates and reports from your dedicated SEO Expert will depend on your chosen plan.

That's it! Remember, a great-looking website with no visitors is a waste and a slow-performing website will cost you your visitors. Choose an SEO tool that’s going to live up to its purpose and get you visible results.

If you've just purchased a self-managed SEO plan, here's how you can access the tool and get started. And if you've just purchased a Managed SEO plan, maximise the service by reading the guides below:

If you have questions, or if you need assistance in setting up your SEO plans. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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