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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a platform that uses email to promote products or services while building a relationship with your customers and potential clients. In an actual sense, it is direct mail, done online instead of the postal work.

You’ll learn the core objectives in email marketing and how to get started with Crazy Domain’s Email Marketing tool on this guide.

What Is Email Marketing

When a company sends out an email, like order confirmations or direct responses to customer questions, it is already a form of email marketing.

Email marketing is only one of the many segments of internet marketing, that incorporates online marketing through websites, social media, blogs, etc.

Another way to look at it is that email marketing is a way for marketers and business owners to promote a business’ products and services. But email marketing is more than that: it has evolved into something bigger as a way of communicating to your target audience, to develop loyalty between your existing customers and to your brand. It has now been also an effective way to personalise email campaigns and content by segmenting your audience by demographics like their age, culture, etc. This means you can create more personalised and meaningful messages for a group of people on your mailing list.

Email marketing is now also being used to educate audiences to bring awareness to what your product or service is all about and what benefits your audience and customers can get from it.

To summaries, email marketing has become and is still one of the powerful and effective marketing channels that are being used today. If you want a more direct marketing strategy like digital marketing – email marketing is the way to go about reaching your business goals and keeping your customers informed with tailored messages in both growing your brand and selling your products.

At best, email marketing will help you get the best results for your business when used and optimised efficiently.

Objectives of Email Marketing

A solid and well-designed email marketing strategy can help you reach different long and short-term business goals. Here are a few of the popular objectives in email marketing:

To increase brand awareness. Your email campaign is a great opportunity to remind customers about your brand. The more frequent they see relevant emails from you in their inbox, the more likely they will choose your business when looking for a product/service. However, keep in mind that sales-focused type of emails alone won’t cut and can’t help you create the brand image in your client’s mind. The best way to go about increasing brand awareness is to combine sales and educational content.

To boost sales. This is the main objective and goal of every marketer in using email marketing strategy in their business. If credibility has already been established for your brand, customers won’t find it difficult to purchase right from your email.

You can use email marketing to announce new products, sales, discounts, or even personalised offers.

To build credibility. If you’re new and still building credibility for your company and brand, you can use emails. A touch of honesty and being straightforward will do the trick. Customers will appreciate this. You can include reviews and testimonials to your campaigns so that your customers and potential clients will see the proof right in front of them.

To drive traffic to your site. It is very common in every email campaign that it includes links to several site pages. If you’ve successfully managed to catch your audience attention with your subject line and other relevant offer, clients will surely follow through the links in your email campaign. This also promotes your website, bringing traffic to your online store or blog that can strengthen your marketing offers.

How to Get Started with Crazy Domains Email Marketing

You can use the checklist below to help you get started before sending your email campaign.

1. Build an email list

To be successful in your email campaigns, you need to have an active email list. Your email list will act as the database of the email contacts who agreed in receiving marketing communications from your company.

The easiest way to building an email list is to create lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. It could be a coupon, a discount they can get after their first purchase that your audience will be interested in, all this in exchange for their email addresses.

2. Define your goals

Goals help you focus on what message you want to reach to your audience in sending your email campaign. If it isn’t clear yet on your end, review the common goals and objectives in email marketing here.

3. Provide great content

Your ESP (Email Service Provider) like our Email Marketing tool can help you fill the gap in connecting great content and making it eye-catchy to your audience. You can choose from our pre-design templates or our premium email templates to put your content altogether for your email campaign. Learn how to navigate and look for templates in your email campaign here in the introduction to templates guide.

Jump start your email marketing journey now!

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