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The CD Account Dashboard

The new Crazy Domains account manager consolidates your domains and products into one place. Manage them easily in your new CD Account Dashboard.

Go to your dashboard now. Log in to your Account Manager and click Dashboard on the left sidebar menu.

The Dashboard Interface

The dashboard interface contains the following sections:

My Products

You can see your products and domains in the My Products section. We grouped your products and services according to the domain name they are connected to. You can also see other products you can activate within the domain card.

Products that are not connected to a domain can be found at the bottom of the domain cards.

Quick Actions

At the top right corner of your dashboard, you can find the following Quick Action options:

Domain & Site Search: Use this to search for a domain name you want to register or anything you want to find on our website, including help articles.
My Cart: Click the My Cart icon to view the domains or products you have added to your cart.



Product Filters

You can see the following options in the Product Filters section:

Add: Click the Add icon if you want to register a domain or transfer service.
Product Search: Click the Search icon to search for a domain in your My Products section.
Product Filter: Click the Filter icon to refine your search by product, time, or domain status.
List View: Click the List icon to see the domains in a list view.
Card View: Click the Card View icon to see the domains in card view.



In the Left Sidebar Menu, you can view the following options:

Dashboard: The default view the page when you log in to your Account Manager. This is where you can view and manage your products and services.
My Profile: You can view and manage your personal, security, payment, and preference settings here. Read our My Profile guide to learn more.
Affiliates: Click Affiliates to manage your Affiliate Program account.
Domain club: Click Domain club to view your account membership status and find the rewards we've prepared just for you.
Buy Products: Click the Buy Products tab to purchase other Crazy Domains products and services.
Help: Here, you can access our Online Support page to read tutorials and user guides for Crazy Domains products and services.
Contacts: View our contact numbers here.
Log Out: Click the Log Out tab to log out from your Account Manager.


Just For You

At the bottom of your products and services, you can quickly select and activate the product add-ons and upgrades we recommend Just for you.

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