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I Cannot Send Using SMTP, How Do I Fix This

The SMTP provides a set of codes that will simplify the communication of email messages and email servers. However, if you are unable to send email using SMTP, there is a way of fixing this problem. Which, you’ll learn in this guide.

Presuming it has been correctly configured then it is likely due the ISP blocking access to the server.

Unfortunately, in this instance the only solution is to use the ISP's outgoing mail server. Here is a partial list of outgoing servers for some popular ISPs:

123-reg smtp.123-reg.co.uk
1and1 smtp.1and1.com
Aanet mail.aanet.com.au
AAPT mail.aapt.net.au
Dodo smtp.dodo.com.au
fatcow smtp.fatcow.com
GoDaddy smtpout.secureserver.net
Google GMail smtp.gmail.com
Gotalk mail.gotalk.net.au
iiNet mail.iinet.net.au
Internode mail.internode.on.net
ipage smtp.ipage.com
Iprimus smtp.iprimus.com.au
ixwebhosting smtp.ix.netcom.com
OntheNet mail.onthenet.com.au
Optus mail.optusnet.com.au
Ozemail smtp.ozemail.com.au
net4india smtpauth.net4india.com
People Telecom WA smtp.per.people.net.au
People Telecom NSW smtp.syd.people.net.au
People Telecom VIC smtp.mel.people.net.au
People Telecom QLD smtp.bri.people.net.au
People Telecom SA & NT smtp.ade.people.net.au
Skymesh mail.skymesh.com.au
Swiftserve smtp.swiftserve.net
Telstra mail.bigpond.com
TPG mail.tpg.com.au
Unwired esmtp.unwired.com.au (Yes, the e should be there.)
Virgin smtp.virginbroadband.com.au
Vodafone smtp.vodafone.net.au
Westnet mail.westnet.com.au

My Isp Is Not on This List

You will need to contact your Internet Service provider and ask for the outgoing mail server settings. It will more then likely look like mail.myisp.com or smtp.myisp.com.

If you need any further assistance, or if you have any questions, please let us know. We’d love to help!

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